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Unless you have an up-to-date estate plan that includes a fully funded revocable living trust, when you die your entire estate goes into probate court, and the courts decide how to divide your assets. Like most court proceedings, probate can be time-consuming, costly, and open to the public. Because of this, avoiding probate—and keeping your family out of court—is a central goal of many estate plans.

How can you spare your family the time, cost, and stress by having a plan in place?

In most cases, going through all of these steps is a real pain for the people you love. It’s expensive, highly inconvenient, and can take months, sometimes even years to complete sometimes. And unfortunately, sometimes it can even be downright messy.

By implementing the right estate planning strategies, you can help your loved ones avoid probate altogether—or at least make the process extremely simple for them.

Estate planning can be overwhelming, and you want to ensure that you have a plan that protects your family when you’re gone. Over the years, Davidek Law Firm has helped hundreds of families find peace of mind with a tailored plan that protects what matters most.

“These folks are the REAL DEAL! Knowledgeable and compassionate. They were able to help me create a will and a living trust. They also offered a unique feature--a video of me talking to my children (to be viewed after I'm gone). They are so kind and easy to work with. Thank you Dirk and Beverly for all you do for this community.”